About Us

Shandong rich million tong international trade co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, is engaged in the European and American food imports and sales of leading enterprises. Since establishment, our company is a collection of import trade in goods, advertising planning, logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, network technology and technology import and export of goods in the integration of diversified enterprises. On the one hand, the company follows the tradition, its with entity retail and wholesale store; On the other hand also conform to the trend, to carry out the electronic commerce; Online simultaneous, complement each other, and on the basis of steady development of the entity shop, with "Internet +" new thinking and O2O new business model, build imports "Internet +" store model project and imports "international safety standards" security model implementation, brand on the product selection and product promotion, the company has accumulated a large number of actual combat experience, to Europe and the United States imported products, especially for Europe and the United States the domestic refrigeration refrigeration products, in the work of sales circulation, open a new chapter.