Advantage brand hand in hand Development is unstoppable
1. The brand advantage
Based on strong financial strength and resource advantages, investing heavily in all kinds of media have put a lot of advertising, branding nationwide provinces, city, region, greatly increase the brand awareness of rich million tong, and have a strong brand and permeability, radiation, from the investors to build brand of time and money, quickly open the local market, make investors to sit around brand effect of huge benefits.
2. Logistics advantages
Headquarters has a large modern logistics distribution base, base with qc inspection room, library, inspection, liquor storage, dairy, library storage library, constant temperature cold storage, conventional storage, distribution, sorting, check area, packing area, shipping area, living area and so on, all kinds of technical facilities, and seamless docking with the company's ERP system, complete the sorting and distribution, accurately and quickly more and gravels, star city, heaven and earth hoau logistics combining, reduce costs and all costs and expenses relating to this commodity flow, achieve the efficient operation of the national market logistics distribution networks, lightning, clear across the country.
3. Management advantages
Company headquarters server connected to the stores across the country, to ensure that the outlet and the headquarters of the information flow, efficient implementation of daily shop management and sales management. USES the advanced real-time management software, every day to receive around stores inventory report and replenishment, and the data analysis form order, adjust inventory, ensure sufficient supply of goods, improve inventory control; And implementation of strict quality control, and constantly optimize and improve the store deals in and around the management, improve market competitiveness and operating performance.
4. Security advantage
Via "million" trademark is registered, shall be protected by law, and headquarters will be authorized stores use; Strictly implement regional protection policies at the same time, the headquarters, within the scope of guarantee a business circle to set up a shop, only to protect the province, land, city and county levels agents, franchise rights and interests, put an end to arbitrary string of goods brought about by unfair competition; Does not regularly inspect the market, rights, protect the interests of the stores are not violated, to regulate the market protection, ensure that your legitimate rights and interests.
5. A replacement advantage
The distribution system of the implementation of 100% replacement close exchange mechanism, completely meet the demand of franchises for different varieties of adjustment. At the same time, the headquarters will be in late pre-opening and operations, in combination with the practical situation of outlet, make scientific judgment, put forward reasonable Suggestions, in order to determine the best stock plan and sales plan, to alleviate the pressure of the outlet to the greatest extent, reduce the management risk and maximize profit.
6. Procurement advantages
Relying on the advantage of Qingdao trade port headquarters for global positioning, global procurement, strict quality control management, maximize the company has the rich, the quality of all imported goods category, can seamless coverage of all kinds of consumer demand, to meet different consumer class purchase required; More global buyers group in accordance to the outlet personalized purchasing demand, rapid introduction of new varieties, helping to boost sales outlets and competitiveness.
7. Price advantage
Thanks to "global mining + group procurement" straight way of purchasing, greatly enhance the bargaining power of the headquarters, and headquarters for straight to store business model, to ensure that all goods base price for straight to the shops, the decrease of the intermediate circulation, in fully meet the demand of stores across the country differentiation at the same time, maximum limit reduces the procurement cost of stores, provides a powerful store price competitiveness and profit space.
8. After-sale advantages
Pre-opening, formulate and implement headquarters to assist shop plan, complete the membership system, scheduling system, salary structure setting, to provide professional skills training and the manager, assistant to the store in field; After opening, the customer service commissioner at the specified exclusive stores provide replenishment and business guidance services, according to situation to provide market analysis and rationalization proposal, customized promotional plan, help stores performance improvement.
9. Marketing advantage
Headquarters has a lot of commercial operation of actual combat experience, a complete set of mature, unique marketing model, assist outlet in all kinds of preferential promotion activities; Headquarters of a large number of media news center and the country to establish a long-term alliance information, tracking reports for stores around; Headquarters site regularly publish relevant market information and marketing strategy, help stores according to market demand adjust sales ideas, make store management to keep pace with The Times.
The advantage of training
Headquarters has a education training base, in the training mode, teaching quality, marketing guidance, test results are leading in the domestic industry. Training courses to store requirements, theoretical knowledge and the combination of simulation and actual operation, not we regularly organize management training, help stores to solve the problem in the daily management, to ensure that the outlet of the nation's overall service levels. First-class faculty, system training concept, help stores promote core competitive ability.